G.O.A.T Feat Gemini Lyrics


Download G.O.A.T.mp3 Click  http://bit.ly/1Ixib5P


1st verse
Ur favorite rapper is a merrrh !
Say he better than all rappers abi lyk errr?
I’m bad news he don’t wanna be at loggerheads
Too energized i over-power tiger heads
He bedridden wit stroke wen i no even strike yet
Blows aim at his face tho i no throw hands yet
Vex i slap ‘em with ice block to cool his temper
En bodyguard be like yo Ex yo i surrender !
Then he wonder what happned like a Nun with a thorn hymen
He miming like goddamn it Wanzam is killer with da rhyming
Mad cow diseased Ur favorite rapper b mooooooooh !
En success no dey boarder me like day school
Ur favorite rapper just b acting like e never hear ma hype
Still i keep ma flow coming like dey gbeley pipe
Ur favorite rapper style bleached like Yvonne on cocoa butter
Ma fans hold me down cos i know dey know better.


You favorite rapper is a merrrh
You favorite rapper is a merrrh
Merh merh merh merh merh merh merrrrh !!!!
Greatest of all time anaa s3 merrrh?
Translation Aponkye is a merrrh
I smell something like a merrrh
Ain’t nothing better than light soup with a merrrh !!

2nd verse

Its not about mouth oh, its about do
Me i do da walk see ma dirty Kamboo
Ha ! Charle ur favorite singer is a he goat
And if ebi da opposite sex then that’s She goat
We doing Gigs and i don’t mean a 1000 Megabytes
Took a shortcut to this game in 1 Kilobyte
Ur favorite rapper saying download ma mixtape
If I were u I save ma data for a sextape
Dey album no go sell with buy get one free
Or “promotion promotion” give it out free
Ur favorite rapper no wan feature cos e dey fear
Say dey kill am on track fans go hear
U see, Monkeys play by sizes Baboon showing botoxes
Beat em like Ayittey 12 rounds n 12 losses
Rap i be da best ur favorite rapper confess
Talented maraforka da skills dat i possess


Ur favorite rapper is a merrrh
Tooh gbeerh he is a goat am da greatest of all time.
Yh…compare? dont dare make u never go there ak33 billy f33 ni egbeh goat ekpeor jweee
Shi kweeh atwee yitstw33 echeer ani brazilian hair kw3mor chen ni’oto,kaa wamor jen..
Apasafolor sake uv dromo, like God take ur life, jeee ni mi’n lomo, niyeniieeh be ko elee ejeh ehoomor
Ye are no more! I Conquereth
I am da victor dopest rapper in this game ya lames is out da picture
Bigger bigger bigger,bo too naami tsina
Ajebu take me to Kole bu too ill am gettn sicker….
Gemi Gemi…aah o girl eeh nch3mi ohe’ntchemi
Don’t hate on me very unneecessary,
Me n Wanzam da lyrical vandam what can come can come Ayittey Powerless Gemini I’m done. I feenish !


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