Afropolytank Freestyle Lyrics

Afropolytank Freestyle Lyrics

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Ecx, tha Lyricalwanzam

1st verse

I pass tests other rappers pass gas
Claiming they’re da shit their mama still wipe dey nyass
Heavyweight lyricist 4eva go hard, i throw bombs via speaker musical jihad
Show me who can rap like this? SHIT happen wen i let ma flow come like PISS
Bars me i let it slide lyk an avalanche wont see it coming lyk a victim in an ambulance
This game is quicksand wack rappers jus be sinking
Cant even run they like BENZes with Tico engine
Beef i had enough now i crack bones
King of weytin? i put ma legs on ur throne
Drop an album they download i’ll still sell
Don’t get it twisted lyk Asantefuor and R,L
Ecx comin thru jey ur leg, listen i spit da type of shit yall aint heard

tha afropolytank mixtape tha afropolytank
tha afropolytank mixtape tha afropolytank, tha afropolytank

2nd verse
This is not hiplife this is hipperlife
Hate me i be like tv for tha Deeper life
i brush dem off dey neva go fit closeup
i get bread other rappers jam-ed up
i do lyrical gymnastics silver n gold i got this be rap olympics
Eye for an eye im ready i wont blink
try to pull me down but neva i wont sink
what i do is bigger than rap call it undefined
bigger better than best rappers combined
see tha game don’t matter how many fans u got
u can still have em but deep inside u wack
game over line up foes over crowd morgues let da casket close
characterize ma type of seige as a death trap
i bet its worst wen ecxtreme put his hand on mic

tha afropolytank tha afropolytank
tha afropolytank comin ur way, comin ur way
bring ur buckets empty ur pockets
empty ur pockets bring ur buckets
empty ur pockets !!!

Twitter: @lyricalwanzam
Facebook: Ecxtreme Lyricalwanzam

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